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KIND Thins Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt 10 x 4 x 19g (Box) - Out of Date
Selver A
Great product

I love these bars and I am so happy to discover a smaller version

The best crisps!!!

My family love these. Great price, crunchy + delicious


I recommend you hide this from any kids/young people !! it is so sweet + delicious. Nice on ice cream. Excellent price at £1.

Teisseire Gourmet Drops Caramel Coffee Syrup 66ml - Out of Date

I use these for making milkshakes. Only a few drops are needed , very nice

Royal Regime Tea Weight Reducing Herb 75g
Mary Morrison


Great shake

I have recommended to a friend

Oasis Summer Fruit 12 x 500ml - Out of Date
Not nice

Tasted like a wet soggy Monday morning just after eating a whole grain 50p loaf of bread when walking to school through mud.

Excellent Value

Excellent value and fast delivery.

Solo replacement meal

I absolutely luv these. IV been taking them for 6months. Really enjoy the 🍌 and caramel. So tasty. Worth the price and would also recommend...☺️

KIND Protein Bars 12 x 50g - Out of Date
Julie Pires
Didn’t follow rules with postage

Order placed 20 Dec paid £25.25, the courier delivered to a wrong address and picture proved this. I was harassed by phone and by delivery driver calling twice to my house, and both Gymstop and DPD expected me to go house to house looking for my parcel. DPD although excepting wrong delivery said that as far as they were concerned it was delivered! Gympstop, hadn’t followed policy by long distance selling and advice, it didn’t arrive at my house on the date postage paid for, a refund or replacement should have been sent within 14 days. Gymstop issue was with DPD not with me. Gymstop also admitted through a previous order they had picture of my delivery address. They have still not contacted me to apologise or to review what’s happened. Very disappointing.

Happy Belly Roasted Blanched Ground Almonds 200g - Out of Date
I though out of date is Like 2 months but not 2 years 🤦

People tell me how you can sell products out of date? Its food fot fot sake ,!!! Should be illegal. 2 years after past date? Seriously? This is sick. That's poison !!!

Millions & Millions Multivitamins + Iron 180 Tablets
Wayne HS

Great value for money...recommended.

Exante Meal Replacement Protein Bars 12 x 65g (Pack) - Out of Date & Squashed
do not buy

Just like another review on these I also bought 36 bars and threw out 35, taste beyond awful couldn't even bring myself to try pushing through them

Value for money,really good product


Highly recommended

USN Trust Fusion Bar 15 x 55g - Out of Date
Love these !!

These are one of the nicest protein bars i’ve ever had! 20g protein, 204kcal is great and they taste really nice and are a decent size too. I recommend microwaving them for about 25 seconds so they’re warm and gooey! 😋

Olimp Protein Bar 12 x 64g - Out of Date
Rock hard and bitter

To be fair they were out of date, but this has adversely affected the taste this time. I’ll never buy these again even if in date. There is nothing cheesecake about these. I couldn’t even finish the box.

I love these !

All the flavours tasted really good but the strawberry ones are amazing!! They still tasted pretty fresh even though they're out of date


I wasn't a fan of the vegan stuff because they were pretty dry and I didn't like the taste much, but the chocolate crispies were really good !

Foco Organic Coconut Water 12 x 1L (Box) - Out of Date

Good price

The Skinny Food Co Skinny Syrup 425ml - Out of Date
Awful taste

Very disappointed with this, was really hoping it was good but just tastes very chemically and almost alcohol like!

Quaker Oats Porridge To Go Bar Straw/Rasp/Cranberry 12 x 55g - Out of Date
Good tasting

Tastes good,good flavour. Not as moist as expected,dry but still eatable.

NOCCO Tropical BCAA - Out of Date
Great tasting,

Tastes great, not overpowering. Good value for money,nice energy boost to start the day

GoFitness Protein Waffle 12 x 50g - Out of Date
Filip Remenar

These protein waffles are quite good. I had vanilla flavour and was nice, not too sweet, not bland either. Texture is a little crumbly and little dry, but it is a protein waffle. Can't expect them to be good as regular waffles. Would def buy these again, maybe try different flavour.

Olimp Protein Bar 12 x 64g - Out of Date
Filip Remenar

Bars taste ok. Nothing like chocolate cheese cake though. Also very hard to bite. Wouldn't buy these bars again for sure.

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